Check back frequently for updates to this list!

Club Timbuktu

5:00-6:00pm Stereo Frontier
6:00-7:00PM Chocolate Ice 2

Vegan food will be available inside Timbuktu & Peanut stew will be sold.

Company Brewing

1:30-2:15 Atomic Spins
3:00-3:45 King Eye & The Squirts
4:30-5:15 Bo Triplex
6:00-7:00 New Boys Club/Airo Kwil
MVCii of Wax Addicts


Dr. Chow’s love medicine
Voot Warnings Band
Various Small Fires
The Longnecks
DJ Charlie Hustle
Selector Max
Stubby Chubbs Brass Band

Times to be determined