Jazz Gallery Stage


1:00PM: Digbii

Performing original music and the occasional odd instrumental reimagining, everything with a sense of exploration and improvisation.

Montauk Project

2:30PM: Montauk Project

The Montauk Project is an improvised percussion/woodwinds duo featuring Milwaukee musicians Jake Polancich (drums/percussion/bassoon) and Ryan Meisel (saxophones, flutes). The project was formed in late 2012 in an effort to explore extreme improvisational opportunities and original music that couldn’t be duplicated in a larger ensemble. Montauk Project continues to serve an artistic longing to react musically to an array of occurrences in our world...good, evil, and everything in between. With this project, the music goes where it needs to. While the core of their sound rests on drums and saxophones, the duet features a number of additional woodwind and percussion instruments, electronic processors, loops, and other effects. There is an intentional transparency to Montauk Project compositions; allowing the music to breathe, morph, flex, and maneuver.

Rhythm Changes

4:00PM: Rhythm Changes

We are Rhythm Changes. We are a group of musicians. Our sound? Changes. Our inspiration? Changes. Our Rhythm? Changes.

5:30PM: Freespace with Special Guests

Hip-hop and poetry with youth participation