Quarter's Stage

2:00PM: Hot by Ziggy

Bands will start at 2:00PM at the outdoor stage, then move to the indoor stage at 7:00PM

Join us for some Saturday beer drinking and hell raising at Center Street Daze 2016! Hot by Ziggy will at the Quarters Rock'n'Roll Palace Stage jamming at 2pm.
Make sure you get there for the man-powered cart race at noon where locals build "push carts" (think Sanka from Cool Runnings) and race them down center street. http://centerstreetdazefestival.com/
"Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's Hot By Ziggy time........ COOL RUNNINGS!"

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The Zimmer Effect

Milwaukee rock band The Zimmer Effect serve audiences a hot plate of grungy, proggy, groove rock. At times in your face channeling their hard rock, classic rock, and metal influences, The Zimmer Effect can also lay down a mellow groove to soothe your tender side, thanks to their slight pop and r&b flavor. It is a phenomenon you will not miss. If you love music, you will find something you love here.


A Riverwest veteran supergroup committed to their music and community, NeoCaveman is a group of seven individuals with a diverse background in music.

Iron Pizza

"IRON PIZZA have thoughtfully constructed and well played songs that are delivered to you in a high energy post punk fashion. Think THE QUICK. Think QUEEN. Think THE SQUEEZE. Now divide that by garage rock and add Daniel Johnston!!" -Ryan King


4 piece band, 90s wannabes, UFOs and government conspiracy.

Troy Anderson

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Bad Wig

Formerly The Midwestern Charm. Listen on Bandcamp


The Rashita Joneses

The Rashita Joneses is a music project entertained amongst several scuzzy mawfs.


Slop pop for the mop tops

Fire Retarded

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The Manness Brothers

"Their form of sludgy blues rock pays homage to St. Louis and its aggressive bones found within. With one howling guitar and a set of drums the brothers dig deep into the grit of their souls pulling out every last ounce of feeling they have to project onto the crowd." - Vox

Slow Walker

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Tigernite is a hard hitting rock-and-roll creature hailing from Milwaukee, WI. Swaggering riffs, spitfire vocals and red-blooded performances shot Tigernite to the forefront of the city's music scene. The band draws inspiration from glam, guitar rock, power pop and rock opera, creating their own heavy brand of Glam Party Rock.

The Old Prospectors

We play some funk, dag nabit!