From classic rock to modern punk, we’ve got something fun for everyone.
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Uptowner is the longest running bar in Riverwest and a proud supporter of Center Street Daze. Their stage always serves up something interesting!

Jazz Gallery

The Jazz Gallery is a Riverwest staple, a true outlet for artists. From jazz sessions to punk rock shows, the Jazz Gallery has something in store for all.

Riverwest Radio

Riverwest Radio hosts a lot of shows that really exemplify the personality of Riverwest. This attitude continues on their stage.

Company Brewing

Company Brewing is a popular spot for musicians of all types and a host of FemFest, Milwaukee’s femme music and arts festival.

Quarter’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Palace

Quarter’s is a long running bar and venue located in the heart of Riverwest. Offering a different lineup every year, their gameplan is bound to be exciting.

Club Timbuktu

Club Timbuktu is a long-time partner of Center Street Daze, hosting a variety of acts with a strong focus on black musicians.

High Dive

High Dive is a Center Street Daze Partner and showcases great local DJs throughout the festival.

4th Dimension

4th Dimension is a new part of Center Street Daze and will host a few newcomers to the festival

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